The-Dream - Sex Intelligent / Sex Intelligent (Remix)

At the end of this one-two from The-Dream’s Love King, released last June as the final installment of his Love trilogy, there is this:

You don’t care, I don’t care
We can do this any-, everywhere
Six, seven, twenty eleven
I’m gon’ drop that Love Affair

As far as I know, there was no word of a fourth part of the trilogy before we heard this song—that is, it was announced within the album preceding, which is pretty cool.

But 6/7/2011 is one month from today (because Nash is The-American-Dream and that’s how we do dates here, you guys). This is the only “official” mention I’m aware of regarding the new album, via MTV News in February:

I actually said the date on my last album, I said “6/7/2011,” and I didn’t think anybody was actually gonna hold me to that, but I think I can make it. I’m tryin’.

Apparently it’s called The Love IV now1. There’s no word of the album on The-Dream’s website besides an embed of this video, though the Radio Killa Records site does make two mentions of the title: one in the window title of every single page, the other being lyrics from the album, I guess?

"There’s only one reason yall nigg*s eatin in the first place, I fell a sleep [sic] at the wheel and crashed over at your girls [sic] Place [gratuitous capitalization sic]" -The-Dream & R.Kelly "Talk That Shit" (WTF) [why is there a WTF here sic] The Love IV

So uh, we’ll see? If he creates what he’s trying to create—certainly an attempt to top My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, on which he played a small role (he’s in your left ear at the end of “All of the Lights”)—it will be incredible. Even if it’s godawful.

Especially then.

  1. That’s “IV” meaning 4 in Roman numerals, not the abbreviation for “intravenous,” though I’d make a wager that he references IVs on at least one track if this ends up being the title, and I’d further wager that his reference serves double duty as a reference to fellow Atlantan Ludacris